Paint by Numbers Kit - Colorful Dog


Paint By Numbers Kit For Adult

With the endless stressors of everyday life, it's important to stop for a while and do something that can take your mind off everything.

Cool yourself off indoors and let splash all your emotions on this fun Paint By Numbers Kit!

This Paint By Numbers Kit can be used by kids and adults as it's very easy to follow the included instructions that come with the painting. When you’re all done with the painting, hang it up anywhere in your home for a decorative look that your guests will love!

With this paint-by-numbers kit, you get a numbered guide to practice with. This art kit is suitable for children or adults. You can decorate the house or give it as a wonderful gift.


Why Choose Us

High-Quality Canvas Material
  • Strong durable material that can withstand the test of time

  • Colors printed on Canvas material always come out vibrant and stunning

  • Dense fabric that doesn’t tear easily

  • Numbers marked so it’s easy to follow

Premium Synthetic Brushes
  • Our brushes are very easy to clean and don’t retain filth like most paint brushes

  • Highly moisture absorbent bristles that allow you to paint with ease

Stunning Watercolor Paints
  • The color from the paints is naturally glossy and always stands out

  • Completely non-toxic and safe for the environment


Everything You Need Is Included


Painting Steps

  1. Locate the numbers on the painting canvas, grab the corresponding paint color with the matching number
  2. Start painting the canvas with the correct colors in each spot
  3. When you’re all finish you’ve created a masterpiece


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